Hamburger Machines

Machines designed to meet both the great productions, in electric and automatic version, and the smaller ones, thanks to the manual version.
Ideal for butchers, meat departments of supermarkets, large kitchen and catering companies, the Aurea hamburger formers are perfect to prepare meatballs or burgers, food always welcome that meets the taste of many people and even more often children.
Critical to the success of the dishes, the freshness of the ingredients can be mixed depending on the imagination of the chef to create tasty recipes. Gourmet version, for example, involves the use of vegetables that give flavor and taste like fresh arugula, onion, parsley, tomato or radish, in addition to cheese, and more, thus supporting the maximum creativity for a simple and delicious cuisine.
Hamburger automatic machine - PH85 - PH10 - PH13
Automatic machine for the continuous production of hamburgers and meatballs. Essential for large communities, laboratories of meat and those who need to produce quickly and accurately. Perfect results: it prepares pieces that are always perfectly identical in size and weight, providing a large ...