The peelers proposed by Aurea, ideal for
peeling and cleaning the most common foods such as potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, etc.. offer the possibility to prepare dishes based on fresh foods, so going to reward goodness, wholesomeness and "naturalness" of recipes meeting the needs of even the most refined and discerning palates (just think of the difference between a simple mashed potato purè and one made with potato dehydrated flakes). They are simple machines but absolutely indispensable in many kitchens, because they allow in a very short time the perfect preparation of each dish made of vegetables.
Aurea peelers are also perfect for drying salad or leafy vegetables like spinach, and replacing disks it is possible to perfom other useful functions, such as the brushing of mussels or shellfish.
Thanks to a depth of range incomparable on the market, these models meet all requirements of kitchen space and kind of production.
PV15 - Universal peelers
With the complete range of Aurea peelers it is very easy to prepare recipes with fresh vegetables and salads rich in taste and color, dramatically reducing the run-up to cut. The multi-purpose version in particular can provide as many features requested in the kitchen as peeling potatoes, carrots, o ...