Vegetable cutters

Preparing rich and tasty salads, fresh vegetable dishes, cutting with precision and fantasy a wide range of foods is really easier with the new Aurea vegetable cutters range.
These machines, coming from a long experience and careful research focused to achieve the highest quality of cutting, are able to meet all the range of catering professionals expectations. The range of machines is very wide and ready to afford all the individual needs in each type of cuisine. Also the range of tools and cutting disks available for this line of machines is very large and allows the production of wide and rich forms. You can produce very rapidly smooth or wavy slices with different thicknesses and sizes, grate or cut in matches and strips, cubes or simply sticks.
In the available range you may find the most suitable model, perfectly fitting your needs: whether you have small productions or large quantities, you'll always achieve a perfect result, getting valuable savings of your time.
TV100 - Table top vegetable cutter
Tv100 is designed to provide the right answer to the kitchens and laboratories that, despite the need to produce small quantities, are seeking reliability, cutting quality and strong power, all elements that are common to the highest professional machines standard.
TV200 - Table top vegetable cutter
This vegetables cutter is dedicated to gourmets seeking for a table top version able to store within the cutting chamber very bulky vegetables such as cabbage, eggplant, very large potatoes and onions in order to get cuts with uncompromised quality. Therefore, it is easy now to get slices or long po ...
TV300 - Trolley vegetable cutter
It is the ideal version for all medium and large kitchens which needs to produce large quantities of product in a short time.
This cutter offers high cutting quality and quick adaptation to any vegetables. Thanks to the two interchangeable hoppers with the same power unit, you can configure ...
Guide for disks cutting choice
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